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Emerging Technologies Librarian
hesburgh libraries

Concurrent Teaching Professor
management & organization

Library 158  
Notre Dame, IN 46556
(574) 631-0312
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Randy Harrison is the Emerging Technologies Libarian for the Hesburgh Libraries. There he assists faculty, staff, and students with the identification, evaluation, and use of emerging technologies, innovative online tools, and related services. He is particularly focused on identifying learning and engagement opportunities to support student research and promote student success. As part of this work, he often consults with various stakeholders across campus helping to develop optimal digital solutions in the areas such as instructional and communication design.

In service of these goals, Randy also creates innovative web applications. He is a developer for, and the current product owner of Remix.nd.edu, a campus-wide platform with projects for building multimedia literacy. He is also the creator of Bootstrapr.io and Reviewr.tech, tandem applications for enhancing librarians' LibGuides. With a focus on developing technological literacies on campus, he co-chairs the Hesburgh Library Hackathon, and has created and runs the Hesuburgh Libraries' Code Café.

Outside of his primary role, Randy serves as concurrent teaching professor of Management and Organization, teaching courses in Data Storytelling and Management Writing for Mendoza. He also serves as a co-secretary for the university's Faculty Senate.

Coming from the discipline of British Cultural Studies, Randy continues to be focused on the problematics of race, class, gender and other forms of cultural and socioeconomic disempowerment. In 2018, he created the The Landlord Game, a free educational board game designed to help faculty gamify the economic dimensions of social justice for their students. And in 2020, Randy completed the nine-month Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) workshop which was the impetus for his latest project — a special web portal for building diversity literacy. With these and other projects, he involves himself in ways that promote inclusivity and diversity at Notre Dame and beyond.

In 2020, Randy was one of three to receive the innaugural Joseph J. and Frances D. Rog Zavislak Library Faculty Recognition Award.



  • PhD, Communication
    Michigan Technological University

  • MA, Rhetoric
    San Diego State University

  • BA, English
    San Diego State University